The latest addition to our lighting collection, the ‘Swanmore’ pendant light, is the creation of local designer Jim Barrow, founder of Barrow Designs. We caught up with Jim to find out a little more about his path into lighting design and the inspiration behind the ‘Swanmore’ light.

Twenty-eight-year old Jim hails from a small village in rural Hampshire called Swanmore, the namesake for his pendant light. Growing up in an artistic household, his mother is an artist and father an engineer, he was always fascinated by how things work and developed a keen interest in the environment. Design seemed a natural career path, providing an opportunity to determine how things are made and create sustainable products. A degree in industrial design at Loughborough University led him to commercial design work for large corporations in France and the UK. He established Barrow Designs in 2016 to pursue his dream of creating sustainable products, and the ‘Swanmore’ pendant light is his debut design.

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