Freddie Oke


Creative Director

Freddie Oke is the creative force and inspiration for The Do South Shop.  Freddie’s diverse career paved an unorthodox path into the world of interiors, and typifies his approach to life.  As a publisher his global travels sparked a passion for far-flung places and other cultures, and forged contacts he maintains today.  His business instincts are fortified by a creative spirit that inspired a parallel career as a musician and songwriter.

After many years working around the world, Freddie returned to South London in 2010 and opened The Do South Shop.  His dream was to create a space with beautiful and interesting objects and a destination shop for the local community and beyond.

Freddie approaches the curation of design pieces like a musical composition.   Bold colours, contemporary and vintage styling and exotic artefacts are the notes he uses to create harmonies.  His collection of eclectic and unusual treasures offers a glimpse into some of the countries he has visited and his passion for the rare and exotic.

Freddie has lovingly curated The Do South Shop in Crystal Palace.   Every piece is hand-picked for shape, colour and craftsmanship and he continues to travel the globe in search of unique pieces of art and furniture.

In the past six years The Do South Shop has established itself as a vibrant part of London’s design scene and in 2016 was cited by the Evening Standard as one of the top interiors shops in the capital.