CSYS Task Desk Lamp | Dyson

With a form inspired by construction cranes and drawing boards, the Jake Dyson CSYS Task Lamp is a compact and elegant alternative to bulky, hard-to-adjust desk lamps. Its unique adjustment mechanism allows for smooth positioning at three axes: up and down, back and forth and rotationally. Heat pipe technology extends the life of the included LED array to an amazing 160,000 hours (or 37+ years).

By following each idea from concept to manufacturing, London-based designer Jake Dyson ensures his ideas not only work, but work amazingly well. His modern wall sconces, floor lights and desk lamps feature high-tech motors and action components that give the user extreme control over the lighting effects produced, making Dyson a true innovator in functional-yet-modern design.


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Product Description


  • Height: 65cm and Arm width: 53cm

Key Features

  • Aluminium, Copper, Steel, Polycarbonate Plastic

Key Features

• Inventive heat pipe technology ensuring sustainable, quality LED performance for over 160,000 hours of continual use, which equates to approximately 37+ years, at 12 hours use per day

• Colour, brightness and efficiency of the light are preserved by lowering the junction and operating temperature of LEDs – a major breakthrough in LED lighting.

• Easy to manoeuvre, both horizontally and vertically, as well as rotationally through 360˚

• Precise positioning

• Touch sensitive Dimming

• Light level memory

• Weight with packaging: 6.2kg